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Products / Siblings- Let's Play Astronauts! Ages 3-6

Siblings- Let's Play Astronauts! Ages 3-6


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Product Description

Get ready to blast off with our Let's Play Astronauts box! This box is designed for siblings ages 3-6. You will receive everything that is included in the Let's Play Astronauts box, plus 1 additional set of the monthly themed consumable materials so that a second child can join in on the fun! The following activities are included: - Dressing like an astronaut - Crafting finger puppets and putting on a space show - Completing Jr. Astronaut training - Painting a telescope and learning about the stars with their constellation guide - Designing a STEAM spacecraft and launching it down a zip line * This is not a subscription, this is a single box purchase. Single boxes ship out within 1-2 business days.

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